Kyle Kloster Wrangling data, algorithms, and code in the SF Bay


I got into mathematics because I love the concepts, but also because I love teaching it. I hope to teach again one day, and still occasionally make Youtube videos of lectures on topics that interest me.

Teaching experience

I received the “Excellence in Teaching” award from the Purdue University Math department in Fall 2013.

Teaching experience while a post-doc at NCSU:

  • CSC 226 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists, Spring 2018, Instructor

Teaching experience while a graduate student at Purdue University:

  • MA 265 Linear Algebra for engineers, Fall 2014, Instructor
  • CS 515 Graduate Numerical Linear Algebra, Fall 2014, TA and substitute lecturer
  • MA 223 Calc II non-engineers, Spring 2013, Instructor
  • MA 224 Calc II non-engineers, Fall 2012, Instructor
  • MA 162 Calc II for engineers, Summer 2012, Co-instructor
  • MA 223 Calc I non-engineers, Spring 2012, Instructor
  • MA 152 College Algebra, Fall 2011, Instructor
  • MA 161 Calc I for engineers, Spring 2011, Recitation Instructor
  • MA 261 Multivariate Calculus, Fall 2010, Recitation Instructor